Welcome Message from Roger Sitkins

I started out as a small agent in Wyandotte, Michigan, and over time achieved success. About 25 years ago, I read a study that said that only 2% of people can achieve significant long-term change.

As I started looking at the idea of helping small and mid-sized agencies, it was clear that agencies with $1 million to $3 million of revenue have some real needs, and I have to believe that at least 2% of them can achieve significant change. We believe that there are some mid-sized agencies that want to grow and are committed to growing, but they may not have the capabilities they need.

In response to this need, we've launched a new initiative called The Agency Results Game Plan. Something I’ve always emphasized is that Sitkins equals results. Results equal success—ultimate long-term success.

We want to work with agencies that are committed to long-term improvement. We'll work together on the behaviors, strategies, and tools that will allow you to become that agency you’ve dreamed of. Getting there is a matter of choice, not chance.